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A Little Something Extra

Most of what we include in our “Pro Tips” is how to design a kitchen remodel that is “practical” and “efficient.” But what if you have the luxury of extra space and budget? Why not add a little something extra? Here are a few “extras” and “nice-to-haves” that we’ve done to consider for your kitchen.

The Home Bar

We are entertaining at home more these days and the kitchen has evolved into the central hub for socializing. As a result, the demand for a kitchen bar has increased. Consider creating a cabinet for liquor and glassware storage complete with wine and/or beer fridges for easy access for you and your guests. Or, if you are more of a wannabe Barista, consider a coffee bar with integrated appliances and storage for accoutrements.

The Kitchen Office

What started as a necessity during the pandemic is now more commonplace – the kitchen office – as businesses have transitioned to a hybrid or full-time work from home model. Even if you have your own home office, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated workstation in the kitchen so you can keep access to work even as you are prepping dinner?

Custom Built-ins for Display

The formal dining room has become less desirable recently and homeowners are opting to eliminate it in exchange for more kitchen space. But how do you display your heirloom china. Our solution in this Hamilton, NJ home (below) was to build custom glass front cabinets that took the place of both the traditional china cabinet and the buffet/server.

The Prep Kitchen

As kitchens have become a more integrated part of home living, entertaining, and working, there has been in upsurge in including a smaller prep kitchen in full kitchen remodels. This allows space for caterers to work unseen or for the host to prepare food without making a mess in the main kitchen.

LBK Can Help Make It Happen

Our experienced designers are experts in helping you design your ideal kitchen that includes that “little something extra” that can take your custom kitchen remodel to the next level of style and luxury. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Nick to discuss your ideas and how our simple remodeling process can help you get it!
Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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