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Bathroom Smart Technology

The bathroom may not be the first place you think about when considering smart tech for your home, but there are some innovative new products out there that will soon be must-haves in the modern home

Interactive Smart Mirrors

An LED Smart Mirror, like the one from Qaio, may be the most practical and convenient home gadgets of all time. It can truly make your bathroom routine the most efficient activity of the day. A display shows the time, temperature, your daily calendar, and whatever other information you need. Integration with Alexa and Google Home allows you to control other connected smart devices around your home, and video capability allows you to watch tv or a movie, online make-up tutorials, or who is ringing at your front door!

Smart Toilets

Yes, there is such a thing as a Smart Toilet. Most have features like touch-free automatic lids and flushing, which is more hygienic, seat warmers and night lights, and some are self-cleaning features or speakers so you can listen to music or your favorite podcast while doing what you do on a toilet. More advanced toilets like the Vevano Aquia IV include “tornado flush” and bidet options and a pre-mister that deters waste from sticking.

Smart Showers

A smart shower, like this one from Moen, allows you to set the water temperature and flow rate by voice, phone, or controller. It uses a thermostat to keep a steady water temperature as well as allow you to set limits on how hot the water can get to prevent you (or your kids) from being scalded. In addition, the water flow feature allows for better water regulation, translating into energy efficiency and savings.

Smart Faucets

We have all used hands-free faucets in public restrooms, so we know the hygiene benefits of touch-free. But the true benefit is the water and energy savings. Most smart faucets have temperature gauges and efficiency sensors that allow you to control water usage and preheat or cool water based on your specifications before the faucet turns on. This reduces the amount of wasted water used to get it to the right temperature, efficiency and savings, like the Delta Touch2O series.

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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