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Doylestown Bath Remodel


Our team of designers collaborated closely with this family to create a stunning bathroom renovation that would maintain the existing layout while giving the space a refreshed and luxurious feel. The clients had specific elements in the room that they wanted to preserve, and our goal was to incorporate these focal points into a transitional design that would elevate the overall aesthetic of the space.


The original bathroom included a jacuzzi tub that the client no longer needed and found difficult to clean. The family also wanted to expand the small stall shower to better suit their needs. They wished to keep their existing heirloom vanity, so only cosmetic changes were required for the rest of the space.


Our initial focus was to modernize the space by replacing the built-in jacuzzi tub with a sleek, freestanding, white acrylic soaking tub. To better accommodate the needs of the family, we expanded and updated the stall shower, adding glass walls to create a seamless blend of modern and traditional styles. The flooring was replaced, and new lighting fixtures were installed to create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. To maintain the overall aesthetic, we carefully reinstalled the heirloom vanity and double mirrors, bringing the entire space together harmoniously.


For a truly luxurious touch, we added stunning champagne bronze plumbing fixtures in both the bath and shower. These fixtures not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the room but also exude a sense of opulence. To further elevate the space, we installed paneling halfway up the walls, creating a visually captivating and traditional look. We made sure to retain all the existing mirrors and accessories, as they perfectly complement the new finishes. For a touch of modernity, we selected a sleek and contemporary vanity light that beautifully illuminates the space.


We kept the existing heirloom vanity and double mirrors, and used them as a focal point within the remodel.


The shower floor and niche showcase a stunning herringbone patterned tile made of natural marble, beautifully complementing the champagne bronze plumbing fixtures. The shower wall is adorned with a matte silver porcelain tile, featuring a unique fluted design. To enhance the transitional style of the space, the flooring is made of wood-look porcelain tile, adding a touch of warmth and elegance.



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