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Kitchen remodel in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Kitchen Remodeling Bucks County PA

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen that the kitchen design trend has been white cabinetry. Whether it be a transitional, contemporary, traditional, cottage, country, or colonial design, the kitchen color of choice has been white and our Our Kitchen Remodel in Bucks County is no different. And there’s a good reason why. It’s cheery, bright and timeless. If you’re in the market for a kitchen remodel,  a white kitchen may be a great choice for you.

One of the most common questions we get is, “do painted kitchen cabinets hold up well”? The answer to that questions is really dependant on the home owners. There are some minor precautions to be taken with painted cabinetry which that boils down to common sense. Wipe away any standing water or liquids that spills onto base cabinets from using the sink and cooking. Also, don’t crack the door open to your dish washer right after a wash cycle has just finished because it will steam the finish of your cabinetry and cause the finish to de-laminate. You should use your kitchen cabinetry like expensive furniture, because it is. Other than that, a white kitchen should hold up as long as any stained product.

While shopping around for a new white kitchen, you may want to avoid a mitered door style. Stick with a cope and tenon cabinet door. Mitered doors usually have a profile detail in them like a rope inlay and therefore requires a mitered joint to continue the pattern around the entire door. Mitered doors joints are connected at a forty-five degree angle with some variation of a wood or metal fastening system. Due to expansion, contraction and deflection, the paint on at a mitered joint is likely to develop a separation. This will appear as a black or shadowed crack. Not too impressive on an expensive investment. On the other hand, cope and tenon door joints, like the ones in our Kitchen Remodel in Bucks County, will appear perpendicular to each other. The frame pieces are fit by coped joint and glued together for a much stronger joint.

Cope and tenon door frame


Cope and Tenon Door Frame

Thinking of adding a little more boldness to your kitchen design? Then consider a two toned kitchen like our Kitchen Remodel in Bucks County. We have had an increasing request for white kitchen perimeters combined with a grey, blue, or darker stained island. If you really want to keep the two toned theme going, we can also offer walnut pullouts and drawer boxes in our LBK custom-built cabinetry. The beautiful and rich color of walnut against white cabinetry really adds pop to a white kitchen. For more information on a kitchen design, give us a call for a free design consult or visit our showroom.

Walnut drawer with cutlery divider


Walnut drawer with cutlery divider


Walnut wine rack pullout

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