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Major Remodel vs. Room Remodel: Which Increases the Value of Your Home?

We are often asked which is better in terms of value: upgrading just a kitchen or a bath or doing a major renovation of the entire house? There is no stock answer because every homeowner’s situation is unique. So, instead of getting into all the variables, let’s focus on the one question that most homeowners don’t consider: “How does your home compare to housing expectations in your neighborhood?”

In some areas and neighborhoods, homes are held to a higher standard. People expect a higher quality of materials, finishes, and style – like hardwood floors over laminate, quality lighting and fixtures, and more contemporary style that flows throughout the home. Think about it, what is the sense of investing in a high quality, modern kitchen if the rest of the living area is worn and dated? Or if the baths upstairs are still mid-century pink, blue, or avocado?

Before After

 Before and after a Ft. Washington 1st floor remodel.

Believe it or not, under-renovating, although cheaper, can lower home values in certain areas. Most people worry about whether renovations will price them out of a neighborhood, but don’t consider the mistake of improving a home below the average for neighboring houses.

So, when weighing the value of a remodel, think about the expectations of the neighborhood and compare them to the home as it is now, as it would be with minor updates, as well as with a major remodel. To explore all your upgrade or renovation options, contact the remodelers at LBK Design. Our designers are second to none and they’re ready to provide you with the home of your dreams.

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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