Doylestown Car Barn - LBK Design Build

Doylestown Car Barn


We were approached by a client who wanted to create a secure and visually stunning space to house his collection of vintage cars. We set out to design a rustic exterior with a luxurious interior space that would complement his collection. The client specifically requested fully radiating heated floors and cooling to ensure optimal conditions for the cars and comfort for anyone spending time in the car barn.


The property included an unused tennis court. To optimize the land according to the client’s requirements, our plan was to remove the tennis court and construct the new car barn in its place.


We designed a custom-built barn that could house 20 vintage cars. We planned to support the space wrapped box beams and illuminate it with natural light from the upper windows as well as with plenty of lighting fixtures to showcase the collection day and night. And planned to finish the floors with epoxy to ensure durability and longevity, and to accommodate future additions to the collection.


To bring out the rustic barn feel, the majority of the interior is finished with exposed wood and made sure to mimic this wood texture in the beams of the barn, as well. We installed unobtrusive recessed lighting so as not to detract from the wood.

To highlight each car, we installed 20 matte black gooseneck lights along the walls. Additionally, we added four large chandeliers in the center of the barn ceiling to enhance the luxurious feel of the space and to provide ample lighting for this impressive car collection.


The finished epoxy floors help add a rustic yet polished look to the barn. The walls feature brick-patterned slate tiles halfway up the walls to add some texture and visual interest to the space.


Board and batten siding creates a barn-like feel and the sleek metal roof perfectly balances the mix of patterns and textures.




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