What you need to know about remodeling contractors in Newtown, PA

What you need to know about remodeling contractors in Newtown, PA

What is a remodeling contractor?

In order to understand why remodeling contractors in Newtown are important for your project, we must first take a moment to understand what a remodeling contractor actually is. A remodeling contractor is a trained and licensed contractor that specializes in both residential and commercial spaces. In simple terms, a remodeling contractor is an expert that can guide you through the process and answer all of your questions. They can ensure that your remodel is done the right way.

When it comes to choosing a contractor, you’ll want to make sure that everything is done in-house. Why? Because having a single contractor for the whole duration of your project makes things simpler and often times cheaper. Did you also know that having your designers and builders on one team can get the job done 34% faster? Before selecting an expert, make sure that your design-build team handles permits, inspections, building plans, and design.

Why you need a remodeling contractor for your Newtown, PA remodel?

Hiring a remodeling contractor is especially important if you’re new to remodeling. No matter how much you plan and research, you will most likely miss a thing or two. Unfortunately, when it comes to remodeling, missing a thing or two can cost you thousands, or worse, make you have to start all over!  A quality remodeling contractor typically has tons of experience and will make certain that you don’t miss anything important. Plus! They can expose you to unique design ideas and recommend the best materials for your specific project. Put simply, a remodeling contractor saves you money, time, and stress while exceeding expectations in terms of design.

How to find the best remodeling contractors in Newtown


At LBK Design Build, we believe that Word of mouth is the absolute best way to find an experienced remodeling contractor for your project. You don’t need to personally know someone who’s been through a remodel in order to do this research. Social Media now is an amazing way to learn from countless others’ experiences. These reviews and testimonials can help to point out things that may not be obvious from a company’s website. You’ll want to take note of reviews that reflect on the company’s communication style and professionalism.

Choose 3 top choices for remodeling contractors in Newtown

If you’re lucky, you’ll find more than one fantastic choice for your remodeling contractor. However, you may be at a standstill for choosing the best with only internet research to rely upon. At  LBK Design Build, we recommend that you try to narrow it down to your 3 top picks. From there, you can start to do more thorough research.

To get to know these choices more personally, look to see if the firms offer a free in-home consultation. Before the consultation, prepare a list of questions, requirements, concerns, and ideas to get the conversation going with the company representatives. 

Pay attention to the responses and decide from there which company has the best capabilities to complete your project. Something that is often overlooked is how the firm’s personality meshes with your own family’s. These people may be in your home a lot over the coming weeks and you want to make sure that your family can get along with and trust them.

LBK Design Build Remodeling Contractors in Newtown

LBK Design Build has remodeled hundreds of homes and earned 5-star reviews because of our relentless commitment to quality. We even provide a remodeling app where our clients have access to organized, 24/7 access to their remodeling selections, costs, photos, conversations, and more! Plus! We offer a three-year, no-hassle warranty on all workmanship so you can be confident in your remodel.

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