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Timeless Style: A Simple Kitchen Design

Timeless Style: A Simple Kitchen Design

An important consideration when planning your kitchen remodel is how long you plan on staying in your house – 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? If you are in your house for the long-term, by all means, design your dream kitchen. But if you are unsure, consider a simple kitchen design with a timeless style that will add value to your home whenever you decide to sell.

Getting the Timeless Kitchen Look:

The emphasis of a simple kitchen design should be “handsome practicality;” the room should be efficient and practical for years without looking dated.  

In this design, granite countertops are warm and rich and provide a large amount of work area. The white cabinets are a model of organization but are also the most flexible of choices because it can be industrial, contemporary, country, or evolve with your style over time.  The stainless-steel appliances offer contrast and a hint of contemporary flair.

Highly functional and warm, this kitchen has a timeless style that will stay fresh for years to come.

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As always, the LBK designers and consultants can work with you in determining what is best for your needs.

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