What To Look For In Good Reviews For Builders

What To Look For In Good Reviews For Builders

Are you scouring the internet right now looking for a builder to take on your next home renovation project? Trying to figure out what separates the average reviews for the good reviews for builders? It can be quite difficult ciphering through all of the reviews and picking one builder to go with, your home means a lot to you and you only want the best to work on it! With all of that in mind, we here at LBK Design Build are here to help you figuring out what to look for in good reviews for builders. Here are 5 things you need to look for in good reviews for builders!

5 Things To Look For In Good Reviews For Builders

Before construction begins on your renovation project talk with your design-build team about your family’s routines, wants, needs and any other design elements you may want to incorporate. If you still don’t have a builder picked or are working with a separate builder from a designer here are 5 things you need to look for in good reviews for builders so you can make the best decision on who to trust with your home’s project.

1. Look For Collaboration In Good Reviews For Builders

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Just like we’re back in school with all of those group projects, you need to look at how well the builder you’re reading reviews on works with others! A good builder has a network of people that they are able to work with. While they have their regular go-to guys for countertops, doors, framing, etc., they should also be able to work well with others on the fly.

Looking for good collaboration also needs to start at the design and scheduling stage. Good builders are able to work with your families schedule and aesthetics. You are not looking for a builder who wants to make themselves a hero and takes on all of the steps of the process. You need someone who can make smart and informed decisions on who they work with throughout the entire process! This includes your family on the design aspects.

One of the things that you can look for in the reviews is for their customers who say that they were easy to work with, maintained a level-head when talking with others, and were able to translate what the customers were wanting well.

2. How Do They Do On Deadlines?

Another thing that is crucial for you to look for in good reviews for builders is how well they do on deadlines. A home renovation project can take up a lot of time and get in the way of your families normal routine. You cannot, and should not, afford to pick a builder that will make the building process take longer.

Look for reviews that mention surpassing deadlines, faster than expected, or other terms that showcase a timely and diligent job done on time. While there may be things that are beyond everyone’s control that makes the project take longer, your choice in builder should not be one of those things!

3. Look For Their Project Management Skills In Good Reviews For Builders

When looking for good reviews in builders you also need to see how well they can manage the entire project. Builders are not only working on getting your space together, but 10 other things all at once. It’s easy for them to get flustered and miss something because of this.

Look for reviews that mention how well they can stay on top of all of the different parts of the project or how well they were able to multi-task different parts of the renovation at a time. What are the aspects of the build that they were able to prioritize over others? Were it the things that the customers had as the most important aspects of their projects?

4. What Extra 'Thing' Do They Bring To The Project?

A builder is easy to find, but someone who can be more than a builder is someone that can bring something extra to the table. Whether that thing is a refined design eye, new products or functional things that you didn’t consider before, or even just a skill that compliments their work better than someone else.

Look for these things in a good review for builders, what did they do to go above and beyond for their clients? How well did they incorporate something unexpected into the project without pulling away from the primary goal of the renovation? ‘Things’ like that will elevate someone from a normal builder to a good builder!

5. Look At How They Work With Families

You and your family are the most important aspects of the project, whatever it is. Whatever your desires, needs, and wants are your family is the one’s with the most power. You need to be able to find a builder that works incredibly well with your family. Look for reviews that mention how well the builder worked with the entire family during the build.

Whether it’s you, your partner, or even your kids, look at how well they were able to work with them. Your family needs a builder that will keep their routine in mind the entire time and play to your families strengths!

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