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Your guide to Wellborn kitchen cabinet door styles

Your Guide to Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Have you ever wondered which part of the kitchen cabinets exposes its beauty? It’s the kitchen cabinet door styles.  Kitchen cabinets make up a big part of the feel and look of the kitchen. Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets can help. 

The cabinet doors are the most prominent aspect of your new cabinets, making them an important part of the entire design. Different styles will vary in price, with elaborate door styles attracting high price tags.

Wellborn has plenty of cabinet door styles to choose from. Whatever your taste is; e.g. traditional, contemporary, or country; there is a style for you. Let’s go through some of the Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet styles. 

Raised Panel Cabinets

It has a raised rectangular-shaped center and the surface surrounding it is recessed, creating a frame-like appearance. The raised center may be surrounded by other detailing, such as a beveled edge, and/or an arched top, providing a traditional appearance, like antique cabinetry. This style looks beautiful with painted or stained finishes that play up the three-dimensional qualities. This gives an extra depth to the cabinetry.

If you want to give your cabinets some depth, then go for raised door types. Raised cabinet doors come in a variety of designs consisting of both simple and intricate detailing, depending on the room character you are going for. Raised cabinet doors are especially ideal for vintage, antique, and country decor.

Raised panel cabinets
Slab cabinet

Slab Front Cabinets

It is made from a single piece of material—solid hardwood, MDF, or a wood veneer. Because it is one surface with no corners or recesses to capture grime, it is easy to keep clean with the swipe of a cloth.

Slab doors are flat, simple and a minimalist look. Slab doors are solid with no framing or panels. This style is ideal for contemporary or modern decor kitchens and bathrooms.

Recessed Panel Cabinets

The recessed or flat-panel door style provides a cleaner and sleeker profile than the raised panel door. It is a three dimensional while the center panel is recessed (though still flat) and framed by two stiles (rectilinear panels at either side) and two rails (panels at top and bottom). The recessed-panel door has the most flexibility when it comes to design, and it is a good choice if you want to be able to change the look of your kitchen down the road. 

These simple, straightforward styles of Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets add a sense of warmth and beauty to traditional, transitional and contemporary settings without adding the costs often associated with more complex designs. 

Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet Lines

Wellborn Cabinets Inc offers over 75 different types of the door with customizable options. There are several different styles, these include raised, cathedral, slab or square. 

Now that you know how to choose the different door styles in Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets, we are going to look at four popular product lines that we use; Home Concepts, Select Series & Premier Series.  They also provide a high-end Estate Collection.

Home Concepts

It is an entry level line of Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets. It is ideal for home remodeling and new home construction. With Home Concepts cabinetry, you get high quality at an affordable price point. If you are remodeling on a tight budget, consider Home Concepts. There are plenty of design variations to choose from, ensuring that there is something for different tastes and needs.

Here is what you need to know about this Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet line.

  • There are 10 different Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet door styles to choose from. These styles feature different wood species including oak, maple, thermofoil, laminate, and MDF. The most popular door styles are Maple York and Layton.  Both of these have a craftsman look and a recessed center panel.
  • The Home Concepts line also provides options for all-furniture board and all-plywood cabinets, usually the furniture board tends to be priced better.
  • The line offers a variety of cabinet sizes to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a small kitchen or a full vanity cabinet for your bathroom, they are available. Remember to have the exact measurements for your space before deciding on the cabinet size. This ensures there will be no issues during installation.
  • Plenty of accessories to choose from depending on which type of cabinet you want. You can have pullouts, pantry racks, sliding shelves, wastebaskets rack, charging bases, and so on.
  • Cabinets in the Home Concepts series come with a one year limited warranty.
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Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet Select Series

The Select Series offers a variety of mid-range cabinets for homeowners carrying out a remodeling or new home construction project. In this series, you will find the perfect combination of style and affordability. You get to enjoy luxury at a price you can afford. These cabinets are pricier than those in the Home Concepts Series, but they come with added customization options and a wider variety of design, style, and wood.

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Here are the main features of the Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet Select Series:

  • The select series offers a semi-custom option where they are afforded some flexibility in design. Although you cannot get an entire cabinet custom made, you can get customized options for certain aspects of the design.
  • A wide variety of stains and paints with a glaze option. Whatever your style preference is or whichever decor you would love for your home, you will find the perfect cabinet in the Select Series.
  • Furniture board and plywood construction options are available.
  • A wide variety of cabinet sizes and accessories to suit your every need.
  • The warranty coverage for Select Series cabinets is much more comprehensive than that of the Home Concepts cabinets. With Select Series cabinets you get a lifetime limited warranty. This provides the assurance that the cabinets are durable and should anything ever happen, there is coverage in place to protect you.
  • Most of the cabinets come with a wood grain printed MDF back with 1/8 of an inch in thickness. All-plywood Select cabinets have a laminated plywood back measuring 3/16 of an inch in thickness.  Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet

The select series is for customers looking for an upgrade in cabinet style without spending too much money. The cabinets are closer to luxury than Home Concepts with only a modest increase in price.

Premier Series

This is the ultimate-luxury series for customers who want great style, quality, and can spend more to get it. The selection in design and style is extremely extensive ensuring that even the most unique of preferences are catered to.

  • Customers are offered a plethora of custom options to increase design flexibility.
  • There are more than 30,000 styles to choose from with a dizzying array of finish, wood, and color combinations. This provides customers with the freedom to buy exactly what they want instead of settling for their second or third choices.
  • Exceptional quality with master workmanship being employed at every stage of production. To back this quality, Wellborn Cabinet Inc provides a lifetime limited warranty for Premier Series cabinets.
  • Cabinets have a 5/8-inch dovetail drawer design to ensure durability. Furthermore, drawers are designed with a soft-close mechanism.

Wellborn Premier cabinets are a mixture of style, fashion, quality, and art. They may be some of the priciest among the three lines but they are more than worth it. For these cabinets; quality, reliability, and durability are without question top notch.

Estate Series

The Wellborn Estate Collection is without a doubt, the cabinet line that gives you the most flexibility with customizing the cabinetry to fit your needs.  They have the “You Draw It” program that allows clients to bring any concept that can be drawn and turn it into reality.  A truly unique offering that will allow you to transform your space into whatever your heart desires.

The Estate Collection provides “Color Inspire”, which allows for a greater offering of colors from Sherwin Williams, Valspar, and even Benjamin Moore.  It gives clients the full opportunity to get exactly the look and finish that they desire.

Lastly, this line of cabinets also has the best warranty that Wellborn offers, which is a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Quality Assurance & Environmental Protection

Over the years, an immense amount of work and skills have been poured into crafting the Wellborn name into a brand known for its strict insistence on nothing but the best.

According to the company, there are more than a hundred employees in the Quality Control Team, with over 30 quality control checkpoints. This ensures that every piece of furniture produced meets the highest standards.

Wellborn does not take a back seat when it comes to the environment. They are proactive in implementing environmentally friendly practices within their production and sales process. This includes working with similarly environment-minded suppliers, using the best technology to reduce pollution and striving to be as green as possible in the materials they use.

So whether you buy a Home Concepts, Select, Premier or Estate cabinet, you can be sure that behind it is a team that cares deeply about quality and the environment. 

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Now that you know about the Wellborn cabinets and its products, whenever you need remodeling, contact the experts of Luxury Bath and Kitchen, they will give you the best help that you would need

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