5 Things To Know About Quartz Countertops

5 Things To Know About Quartz Countertops

Are quartz countertops the right material for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel? Even if you have just looked for a home or rented a space, you know how important the quality of a good countertop is. With so many different types of countertop materials it can get overwhelming to choose one or even tell the difference between them all. Well here at LBK Design Build we are focusing this article on quartz countertops and giving you an overview on whether or not its the perfect material for your next renovation project.

5 Things You Need To Know About Quartz Countertops

Before construction begins on your renovation project talk with your design-build team about your family’s routines, wants, needs and any other design elements you may want to incorporate. If you are stuck picking a countertop material, here are 5 things you need to know about quartz countertops for you to make the perfect decision for your renovation project.

1. What Makes Quartz Countertops Different From Other Materials?

It can get overwhelming quickly trying to research different countertop materials and what the pros and cons of each are when remodeling a space. Quartz countertops can look very similar to other materials, but what is the real difference?

First and foremost, quartz is not a natural material such as granite or quartzite. Quartz is manufactured with ground quartz and resins, polymers, and color additives. This makes quartz less porous and stain resistant, unlike granite and quartzite. Quartz’s manufacturing process also allows it to be chip and scratch-resistant unlike stones of 100% natural material.

The main con of quartz is its lower resistance to heat. Since it is a man-made material, quartz has a lower heat resistance than its natural counterparts. So make sure you have a heat protector down before laying any fresh-out-the-oven cookie trays or boiling pots of water down!

2.How To Maintain Quartz Countertops

How easily maintained are quartz countertops? Now that we know that they are chip, stain, and scratch resistant, what does it mean for their maintenance? Luckily, quartz itself is a very low maintenance material. Because of the manufacturing process quartz does not have to be resealed, unlike natural materials.

Quartz can be cleaned quite easily. Soap and water applied with a rag can be a quick cleaning job. Looking for a deeper clean? Feel free to chip off any sticky cooking debris that hopped out of the pan. You can even clean with a degreaser with no worry on how it will effect the quality of your countertop, provided it is quartz safe!

3. Consider Where Your Quartz Countertop Is Going

When considering quartz, it is crucial you think of where the countertop is going. Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen, quartz might not be the best material for that particular project. While it is nonporous and perfect for water resistance, quartz and its components do not do the best against a combination of sun, wind, rain, and other natural exposure.

Quartz does best indoors, but remember that it is less heat resistant than other natural materials. Quartz can be perfect for the kitchen, but be wary of what temperatures are around it when cooking.

Quartz could be a perfect addition to a bathroom counter space, its nonporous surface and easy clean up makes it a great option for any bathroom remodeling projects.

4. Quartz Countertops Can Come In Multiple Colors

Natural quartz countertops are greenish. With the manufacturing process of quartz countertops, color additives can make most colors a possibility now! Talk with your design-build team about finding the right color for you. While the look of a white or grey quartz countertop is tradition, do not feel held to only considering those options. A non-traditional quartz color may be the thing to make it the most unique centerpiece of your space.

5. Hire a Professional To Handle It

Quartz is an incredibly resistant material, but it is also quite heavy and still prone to accidents during the home remodeling process. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional to handle the installation and transportation of the quartz countertop. Quartz is not the cheapest material, or the most DIY friendly material. Save your investment in quartz with a professional remodeling company to avoid any unnecessary heartache or backache!

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Ready to move forward with your home renovation project, is a quartz countertop the perfect material for your next countertop? Let us know! At LBK Design Build, we work hard to ensure that we completely understand your family and remodeling vision before any work is done. We’ve completed hundreds of home additions and always treat your home as we would treat our own.

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