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6 Luxury Additions to Add to Your Current Home

Ready to upgrade your home from great to spectacular with luxury home additions?

There are two ways to go about it:

You can add touches of high-end in every room, such as framed art pieces, chandeliers, and genuine antique furniture.

Or, you can invest in a more permanent luxury home addition that can serve the whole family and will last a lifetime.

Features and structures that spell luxury provide invaluable benefits to a home and its inhabitants. Aside from increasing the value of your property, they also make daily living more convenient and weekends more pleasurable.

With those objectives in mind, we have curated 6 ideas for luxury home additions to inspire you in creating a more luxurious dwelling.

6 Luxury Additions to Include in Your Home

Depending on your family’s unique lifestyle and activities, one or more of these 6 luxury home additions will enhance the way you interact with each other. Make sure to consult each family member so that you don’t overlook important details when discussing the design and construction with your design-build contractor.

1. Gourmet Kitchen

If cooking makes up the largest part of your life, then you deserve the indulgence of a professional-grade kitchen. Whether as the clan’s designated party host or simply feeding a large brood, you need to transform your command center into a food artist’s haven.

The kitchen is the busiest zone of any home, even under ordinary circumstances. You must therefore allow as much space as you can to this addition. Make room for storage, food prep, plating, presentation, and clean up with two islands, a walk-in pantry, and at least two sinks.

For both aesthetics and function, house your appliances in custom-built cabinets of heavy-duty hardwood or stainless steel, depending on your taste. Think about adding top-of-the-line pieces as well: a multifunction range, double oven, convection microwave, and warming drawer. And upgrade your dishwasher, why not?

Use high-quality materials, such as quartz for countertops, a backsplash made of stone, and multi-layer engineered wood flooring.

Enhance convenience and efficiency with toe spaces under cabinets and plenty of lighting. In addition to stylish chandeliers, install task lights over each work area. Illuminate above and below with lighting fixtures on top of cabinets and below toe kicks.

2. Indoor Spa

When we speak of luxury, images of being pampered immediately come to mind. A sanctuary of relaxation requires just four elements: water, sky, scent, and warmth.

Choose a luxury tub that allows you to recline in a comfortable position. Keep lights low and ambient in receding casings. Pepper the place with scented candles. Select earth tones for walls and tiles. Play subdued music.

Invite a piece of sky indoors by using wide window panes or a glass wall. If privacy is a concern, you can opt for a skylight instead. Sunshine and marshmallow clouds during the day, and a moonlit, starry ebony firmament at night. Yes!

Luxury Home Additions: 3. Home Theater

For families who love going to the movies, a theater at home is too good a treat to pass up. Here, you can kick off your shoes and binge watch all day. The kids can even invite friends over.

And no, you don’t have to give up on the high-tech amenities of a commercial movie house. All you need is a competent design-build firm that can incorporate a video wall, sound system, and reclining seats according to your specs.

Oh, and don’t forget the marquee and popcorn machine to complete the experience.

4. Sports and Fitness Areas

The family that plays together gets to live longer.

A home gym is a great way for the entire family to stay active together and help cultivate a physically active lifestyle and more family engagement.

Dedicate one corner to a mini gym with basic exercise equipment like dumbbells, treadmill, stationary bicycle, pull up bar, jump rope, and a yoga mat.

Consult your design-build team on the appropriate flooring materials to prevent accidents. Ensure adequate lighting as well.

An athletic household will appreciate being able to stay fit the whole year-round, regardless of the weather.

Luxury home additions: 5. Master Suite on the Ground Floor

master bedroom remodel

As you get closer to retirement age, you must prepare your home for the lifestyle changes that come with it.

Most homes are designed with all bedrooms, including the master’s, located on the second floor. But you can experience greater mobility if you move your sleeping quarters near the common areas.

Lavish this new space with a master bathroom and walk-in closet. Add a garden and patio combo to one side. Design another side for a new hobby you plan to pick up. Perhaps a mini library if you look forward to writing your autobiography, or a sunlit mini studio for painting.

As a safety precaution, especially for empty nesters, consider installing a secret door in a corner leading to an adjacent panic room. This can be a lifesaving addition during natural disasters or break-ins.

6. Outdoor Living Staycation Area

If you are blessed with a spacious backyard, consider transforming it into an oasis of rest and recreation, or an alternative entertainment zone for guests.

You can consider ideas like a swimming pool with an adjacent pool house, a garden with a fire pit or even a waterfall arrangement. A cabana with a hot tub or a poolside barbecue are also good options.

In the long run, having luxury home additions al fresco is also a great way to enjoy the warm summer months every single year.

The Ideal Builder for Adding Luxury to Your Home

Every homeowner has a unique objective for wanting to upgrade their dwelling with luxury home additions. Some wish for more relaxation, a few have outgrown their current house features, while others may need to prepare for a big change soon.

Whatever your reason, treating your family to the extra comfort of an additional structure calls for the services of a design-build team that can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

To ensure your home addition project is in good hands, take the time to do background checks on your potential contractors. Meet with them, ask for references, and if possible, and read their online reviews

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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