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Bathroom Design Essentials

Once you’ve decided that a full-scale luxury bathroom remodel is what you want and need, coming up with a design that is both beautiful and practical is the next step. Our designers at LBK are experts in interior design, materials, flooring, fixtures, and lighting. They have suggestions based on their experience and from reports of their customer’s satisfaction for you to consider.

Light, Bright, and Well Lit

Bathrooms should be light, bright, and well lit. Bathrooms tend to be smaller, so using lighter shades of tile and wall color help make it feel bigger. The lighter colors also reflect natural and artificial light which is perfect for applying make-up, styling hair, and all of the other tasks of getting ready. In addition, the lighting options these days are almost limitless, so be sure to add plenty of it. Keeping it light doesn’t mean you can’t have color. Use design elements window coverings, wainscoting, vanity, flooring, and cabinets as accents and to add color and interest.

A Spectacular Shower

Make the shower the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel, not the toilet. There are so many beautiful materials and patterns that can make a mundane shower look spectacular. Add high-end bathroom fixtures like faucets and shower heads to create a luxury spa experience, and show it all off with glass doors and surrounds.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Bathrooms see heavy foot traffic and lots of water and humidity daily, so it needs to be dependable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Ceramic tile is always a solid option because of its water resistance and huge selection of colors and patterns, but nowadays there are materials like vinyl plank and even waterproof hardwoods that add warmth and interest to the space. And, while you’re at it, consider in-floor heating for ultimate comfort during our MidAtlantic winters.

It’s What We Do

When you contract with LBK for your bathroom remodel, you not only get exceptionally skilled builders, but you also get accesses to our expert designers. They will work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams and possibly make suggestions that you never considered.
Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

The LBK Way: Dream it. Build it. Love it.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with Nick to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas and how our simple remodeling process can give you the bathroom of your dreams!
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