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3 classic kitchen design ideas

3 Classic Kitchen Design Ideas

You’ve looked through home magazines for the latest in interior kitchen designs and checked out the neighbors for ideas and inspiration, but when it comes time to design your kitchen, you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what type of kitchen you want. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. When a customer comes to us for kitchen design ideas, the first thing we do is determine style. Many don’t know their “style” – they just know what they don’t like – so here are three classic kitchen design styles that we start off with to get their kitchen renovation moving in the right direction.

Classic Kitchen Design Styles: Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary designs do not mean a futuristic look with dramatic architectural elements (although that certainly is an option), but you will see innovative ideas in color palettes, lighting, and appliances, as well as uniquely shaped furniture choices. You will see clean, flat front cabinets combined with earthy, natural stone countertops, light wood floors contrasted with a bold wall color or unexpected backsplash material, or maybe a coffee bar with hidden drawers and appliances. All can be modern, yet still warm and welcoming.

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Country Kitchen Style

Nowadays, most people turn their noses up when we suggest a “Country” kitchen because they immediately think of pastel colors and lots of ruffles. Nope. Instead of “Country,” think “Rustic and Refined.” Reclaimed, vintage lighting, worn and weathered brass fixtures, and nostalgic accents can blend seamlessly with contemporary stainless-steel appliances and a quartz countertop, giving your kitchen that homey, rustic feel without sacrificing the conveniences of a modern kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Design Styles: White Kitchen Design


Nothing is more stylish than an all-white kitchen design. It is also the most flexible of choices because it can be industrial, contemporary, country, or evolve with your style over time. White cabinetry is a perfect choice to show off a beautiful marble-topped island, a dramatic floor tile, or restaurant quality range and refrigerator. Furniture and fixtures can add that pop of color or upcycled wood can add a rustic feel. Nothing is off limits.

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