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Kitchen Trends for 2022

Kitchen Trends with a Caveat

As we approach the end of the year, we are seeing the obligatory list of kitchen design trends expected for 2022. The lists, for a number of reasons, are longer this year than in the past. Instead of the usual 10 to 12 design trends, we are seeing lists of 20 to 30. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, so many styles and choices can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve picked a few that are most likely to stand the test of time.

Cabinet Color

We are seeing a shift from natural wood or traditional white to bolder colored cabinetry. Earthy greens, shades of gray, a range of blues, and even bright yellows are becoming more popular. Also, two-toned kitchens are on the rise. Whether it’s mixing natural wood and colored cabinets or a blend of grays and blues, going two-toned makes a statement.

Beyond the Traditional Back Splash

With so many beautiful tile colors, designs, and textures, the back splash is has evolved to blend function and style to become a stunning design feature. Trends include a wrap-around backsplash, from wall to floor tile to tiling a full wall.  


A product of the pandemic, “zoning” or the “broken-plan” looks to become a lasting design feature for kitchens. The design preserves the feel of an open floor plan but creates distinct zones by using glass partitions or doors, cabinetry or freestanding furniture, or screens or large plants to define an area and reduce noise and distraction for those working or studying at home.

The Caveat

As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of “trends” predicted for 2022 and, while many may look cool, it is important to look at them in perspective. Will this style blend nicely into the rest of your home? Will it fit into your budget, or will you have to give up a want or need for the stake of design? Will you have to give up functionality? How long before the look becomes dated?

Once you’ve considered these things, give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our designers. They are experts in differentiating between a short-lived trend and what will truly be lasting. We are always more than happy to answer your questions and help you “Dream it. Build it. Love it.”


Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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