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Remodeling Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Entertaining

Love hosting?

Cleaning your home, picking up the clutter, and making sure the porcelain is shiny may not be enough to guarantee your guests’ comfort. Traffic flow, elbow room, style, and functionality should also be on your priority list.

If you need more space to accommodate more people, or your current entertainment area doesn’t meet your partying standards, then it’s time for a remodel.

Here are some schemes and remodeling ideas that you can use to level up your get-togethers.

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6 Remodeling Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Entertaining

Remodeling any part of your home is considered an upgrade and it helps boost the resale value of your property. Be sure that that it is up to county building codes. So, before hiring your design-build team, confirm first if they have the license to work within those requirements.

1. Open Up Your Kitchen

Food and drinks are the main course of entertainment, which means you’ll be using your kitchen for more than half the time.

Welcome to the open floor plan concept. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to the restrictions on big parties or gatherings in public or commercial spaces. This has led to the rise of smaller, intimate gatherings in the confines of people’s houses.

If your kitchen is separated from the dining and living rooms, consider removing a wall so that all three areas can become one. This enables you to easily transport dishes, beverages, and eating utensils from one section to another.

The open concept also allows better ventilation and more natural light to stream across the living area. Plus, it makes your kitchen larger with extra floor space and elbow room.

2. Add an Island (or Two)

Replacing your kitchen wall with an island gives you an additional serving bay which can double as an eating place by including dining chairs.

If your budget allows, and you have the square footage to spare, have two islands installed. One can function as a cocktail bar while the other may be a buffet table.

Another way of maximizing your island(s) is to have it multi-level style. This is great for accommodating kids without adding low tables or small chairs that take up precious space.

The best thing about kitchen islands is that they are extremely useful even on normal days. On regular days, you can repurpose it as a command center where you can supervise the kids on their homework and school projects while you prepare dinner.

3. Remodeling Ideas: Make the Most of a Spacious Kitchen

Have a large kitchen? Lucky you!

In this case, consider remodeling a corner instead of breaking down a wall. It would still provide the convenience of proximity to space where you prepare refreshments.

A floating bar against the wall can serve as the dining table, while stools may be stored underneath when not in use. You also have the option to expand the tabletop with a built-in L-shaped foldable extension.

Inject a party feel to the entertainment area by painting the wall in bright hues, hanging colorful art, and installing decorative overhead lighting.

Include fun but functional items like an ice maker, a coffee bar, a wine bottle rack, and large transparent glass jars of sweet treats for the kiddos.

4. Repurpose Your Dining and Living Rooms

If your kitchen isn’t big enough to install an island or remodel a corner, turn your attention to the dining and living areas. Maybe there’s enough room to add a bar within or in between. It can serve as an extension of either or both areas.

Strategically setting up a bar in the middle of your dining and living rooms would create a smooth flow of eating, drinking, and socializing. This way, your guests can mingle freely without the worry of overstepping boundaries.

You can use both sides of the countertop for serving, eating, and drinking. Barstools are minimalistic seating options, and your guests can choose to remain standing while enjoying cocktails.

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Meanwhile, the bottom part could be constructed with cabinets for storage of dinnerware and flatware for entertaining.

Expand your entertainment space vertically. Hang glassware and drink display racks above the bar. Line bright lights within the fixture to counter a cramped look.

5. Convert the Family Room

Entertainment doesn’t have to be confined to pleasing the belly. Sports, games, and movie marathons are cool stuff to share as well with near and dear ones.

If you already have a family room or a lounge, you can have it remodeled to accommodate a video wall, reclining seats, mini bar, popcorn maker, and sound system. Voila! Your very own home theatre.

Alternatively, this can be a rec room for kids and teens while the adults are in the common areas. Here, they may play loud video games, quiet board games, and everything in between like billiards and darts (for the daring).

For the musically inclined, a music room will be a preferred option. Have spaces for performing, listening, and lounging. Mini stages, oversized couches, and great acoustics make for a fantastic experience.

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6. Remodeling ideas: Consider Entertaining Outdoors

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Your backyard, deck, patio, and porch are ideal spaces for bonding with family and friends. Remodeling one of these into an entertainment zone not only keeps your living area private but also offers a relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

The backyard, in particular, is an exciting setting for endless possibilities. Install a swimming pool, or add a pool house if you already have a pool. Create a garden with a fire pit for old-fashioned barbecues. Construct a gazebo. Build a treehouse for the little ones. Transform your shed into an open bar.

Entertain al fresco by enhancing your deck, patio, or porch with a pergola. Make it weatherproof with roll-down windows, portable heaters, and water-resistant flooring. Amp up the merriment with a sound system and a grill.

When remodeling your outdoor space or constructing home additions, always factor in amenities like lighting, WiFi, bathroom, and accessibility to the main house.

The Best Way to Turn Your Home into an Entertainment Haven

Whether you decide to remodel an existing part of your dwelling or choose to construct an additional space, the result should suit your needs and personal preferences.

To this end, it is imperative that you hire a team of individuals who can convert your vision into reality. The recommended option is a design-build firm with a track record in working with different spaces and any kind of budget.

A company that values your wishes and is transparent throughout the entire construction process will create your entertainment area exactly as you want it to be.

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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