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7 Ways to Maximize Space in Your New Custom Home

Finally, your custom dream home is ready for occupancy. Now it’s time to maximize space in it.

Before settling in, check if each room has enough space for all your furniture, appliances, and
personal belongings.

If you feel like you will be left with little elbow and leg room after unpacking, then it would be
prudent to take time to figure out how to organize beforehand.

Space is the most valuable commodity in every real estate, be it a humble bungalow or a grand
estate. You would want your home to be open and airy every single day.

So, how do you fit all your possessions in your new abode and still maintain a spacious

7 Ways to Maximize Space in Your New Custom Home

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan your custom home with your design-build team,
you would still end up with insufficient space for your belongings. When this happens, here are
solutions you can adopt:

1. Make Your Entryway Functional

entryway design

It may be the part of your home where you welcome guests, but it’s also where family members remove their coats and shoes. If you don’t have enough space to build in a cabinet or add a table, place a bench instead. This is a clever way to house bags and backpacks on top while footwear can go beneath.

Install floating shelves above the bench for car keys and other small items. Mount heavy-duty hooks on the wall for jackets.

2. Choose Multipurpose Furniture for the Living Room

If you wish to create storage, seating, and tabletop in a single spot, there’s one piece for all that: the ottoman. This versatile piece comes in many sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Of
course, they have various uses as well.

Large ottomans have removable or hinged lids and hollow spaces that can hold different objects, from throw pillows to books. They come in rectangular, square, and circular forms.
Some are made of leather, others of foam or wood.
You may use the top as a coffee table or an organizer for gadgets and the remote control.

Smaller ottomans are great as footstools, too! Side tables with drawers and open shelves are useful pieces of furniture too. You can place a lamp, picture frames, flower vases, and other decorative articles on top while the bottom part
serves as storage

Maximize Space: 3. Organize Vertically in the Kitchen

The walls and ceiling of your kitchen are ideal spaces for storage and organization. They can help you maintain a clutter-free environment in the busiest room of your home.

Keep often-used meal prep and cooking paraphernalia in drawers and cabinets where they are easy to reach. Hang utensils on wall-mounted hooks. This way, your countertop will gain more room for meal prep.

Utilize cupboards for dry goods and food canisters. Install vertical floating and pigeonhole shelves for spices and jars. Store special occasion dinnerware and flatware in cabinets situated
higher up on the walls.

Consider sliding doors for all your kitchen cabinets and cupboards to minimize obstruction to traffic flow. Have customized overhead storage constructed for hanging pots and pans. This will open up the space below the counters where you can stow away cleaning solutions and implements.

4. Keep Everything Out of Sight in the Master Bedroom

More than any other zone in your home, your bedroom must have as much open space as possible. No matter how tidy and orderly you arrange your personal belongings, leaving them all out in the open can hinder your mind and body’s ability to relax.

This means you need to maximize every inch of your closet. Use thin hangers to accommodate more clothes. Store lightweight items in trays on a shelf above. Add more shelves below for
folded clothing, towels, linen, and shoes.

Choose a dresser with more drawers than top space. Better yet, invest in a custom-built armoire that you can equip with vertical storage on both sides of the mirror. Deposit makeup, jewelry, and accessories in them.

Purchase a bed with pull-out drawers underneath and pack out of season gear there. You may also use storage bins for that purpose.

Maximize Space: 5. Make Kids’ Rooms Suitable for Study, Play, and Rest

kid desk

Why have separate rooms for different activities when your children can do them all in one place? Careful planning will make it possible to establish designated zones for doing homework, engaging in recreation, and catching up on sleep.

Push desks against the wall where you can hang bulletin boards, caddies for school supplies, and trays for art materials. Install spine book towers instead of adding bookcases.

Assign the sleeping zone on the opposite side. In place of built-in or standalone cabinets, invest in space-saving beds with appended cabinets, pull-out bottom drawers, and cubbies. These are available in double decks as well, ideal for siblings sharing the same bedroom.

Placing a rug in the middle of the room sets it up as a playing zone while taking up zero space.

6. Discover Hidden Spaces in the Bathroom

Shared bathrooms can be cramped in no time if you don’t provide a home for each bathing and grooming essential. But a thorough inspection of every nook and cranny can prevent this.

Outfit the space under the sink with open shelves and fill them with baskets. Label each one according to similar items, such as accessories, makeup, and toiletries.

On the wall above the sink, mount a mirrored cabinet in place of a flat mirror so you can separate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash from the rest of your necessities.

Maximize Space by draping a shoe organizer over the door for the hairdryer, combs, brushes, and various bulky items. Install sturdy hooks on another wall for towels and robes.

7. Empty the Floors


Your home will be more comfortable and fun when you can move around freely without hindrance and obstructions in your path. After all, it is a dwelling for people, not things.

Maximize space by reserving floor space for walking, traipsing, and moving around is critical to achieving this.

Therefore, you should maximize walls, ceilings, and even doors for storage. Opting for shelves, hangers, and pegs rather than cabinets and closets will enable you to keep stuff off the ground.

As a bonus, unoccupied floors make for easier mopping and vacuuming as well.

Can Your Contractor Assist with Maximizing Space in Your Home?

The truth is, not all builders provide post-construction services. That’s why it’s important to ask your potential contractors about it before awarding your project.

To ensure that you won’t be alone in making your new custom home efficient for your family, hire a design-build firm that can support you long after you have moved in.

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

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