Marrying Design Styles: Rustic Design + Industrial Design -
Marrying design styles

Marrying Design Styles: Rustic Design + Industrial Design

Rustic Design Style Defined: Rustic design style brings you close to nature. Reminiscent of pioneers in the early days, they would most likely find it humorous how much work people put into getting the look that was their only option.

I’m sure they could only dream of the modern luxuries we have today, but rustic style doesn’t have to be absent of luxury. It is one of my favorite design styles, boasting organic shapes, natural materials, lots of wood, and accents that have been around for decades, if not centuries. 

Doylestown rustic kitchen remodel marrying design styles
Doylestown rustic kitchen remodel: marrying design styles

Why people love rustic: Rustic design evokes a feeling of nostalgia. It feels simple and pure. It is great for the environment because you can repurpose so many pieces.

DIYers can do big things with the rustic design style which can make it extremely budget-friendly.

The rustic style gives me the same feeling as a weekend spent camping. It provides a sense of peace and calm, getting you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, even if you’re right in the city center.

Who tends to like the rustic design vibe: If you love to work with your hands. If you love camping under the stars. If you love to repurpose and upcycle. If you love a wood-burning fireplace and the smell of fresh-cut hickory, the rustic style could be for you

What is Industrial Style?

What it industrial design style: Industrial style was not so much a design style, but a way that buildings looked in real life. This is the style that was built from blue-collar workers in America. And that might be why it’s become so loved. It’s raw.

It’s real. It is simple, stripped-down, and bold. While some find it cold, many feel warmth in the metals and woods that make this style what it is. You can find this style all over, from small studios to million-dollar mansions.

The industrial design appeal: Industrial design style celebrates affordable materials, eliminating the fluff. It is bare and raw. It focuses more on the essentials that the frills. While this style can be simple and downplayed, you can also add touches of elegance and luxury that elevate the aesthetic.

Who is drawn to Industrial design style: You are not a big box shopper. Ikea is NOT your friend. You love thrifting, finding unique items to use in a new or unexpected way. You don’t need a lot of bright colors to find a space warm and cozy. You love walking through historic districts and possibly abandoned buildings.

Doylestown rustic design master suite remodel

The Marriage: Rustic Industrial Style

Now for the finale! Marrying design styles: rustic style and industrial style. The two styles have a lot in common. They are both raw in their own way, stripped down to bare materials. They focus on woods and metals. One is more country, while the other has more of a city feel, but the combination is so beautiful, perfect for a harmonious home. This is one of my favorite styles, as there is no shelf-life. This is not a trendy look, it’s a classic look, with pieces that have already stood the test of time.

Using Natural Stone, Natural Wood Cabinets, Paired with Stainless Steel Lighting, Appliances, and polished concrete countertops make this a perfect marriage of rustic design and industrial design styles. Marrying design styles gives you the best of both worlds.

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Doylestown rustic kitchen remodel marrying design styles
Doylestown rustic master suite remodel
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