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Why You Should Always Choose Quality Over Price

It’s an age-old question when it comes to a home remodel. What is more important, Quality or Price? Let’s face it, home renovation and remodeling can be expensive and unless you have unlimited funds, most people need to stick to a budget. When faced with a choice – whether it’s flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, or contractors – the temptation is to go with the cheaper option. If you are planning on selling your house soon, that may make sense, but lower cost does not always equal saving money, at least in the long run. That is why you should always choose quality over price. Let’s look at a few examples.

Don’t Skimp on Flooring

Floors take a beating and cheap flooring shows wear and tear far sooner than a quality floor. Kitchen floors, for example, usually get the most foot traffic in the home and have food dropped and liquids spilled on them regularly. Bathroom floors need to be water and stain resistant and hold up to the chemicals we use to clean and disinfect. A laundry room floor must endure the intense shaking of a lopsided load in the washer. Lesser quality flooring in these rooms will need replacing in a matter of years because of staining, tearing, or water damage. Higher quality flooring is more durable and will save money and aggravation in the long run.
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Splurge for Quality Cabinets

There is just no comparison between cheap kitchen cabinets and higher end kitchen cabinets in terms of looks and durability. Ever go into someone’s home and see those dated, uninteresting honey oak cabinets? They usually are scratched and worn around the edges, the drawers stick, and the cabinet doors slam shut. Do you want that in your new kitchen? Quality cabinets are a must for any kitchen remodel. They are well crafted, durable, resist stains, scratches, and fingerprints, open and close easily and quietly, and retain their style and beauty. In addition, homebuyers judge the quality of the kitchen over most everything else in a home, so spending a little more for quality cabinets will reap returns over time.

Choose the Right Contractor

With remodeling and renovation contractors, you get what you pay for. Choose a contractor with experience and knowledge of the challenges that go along with home remodeling and the resources to help you make the best decisions. The design-build process we use at LBK, for example, saves homeowners time, money, and aggravation in the long run. Our design team helps you create and plan your dream space, recommends the best quality material options that fit your budget, and works with the build team to make it a reality. Our build team are experts in home remodeling. They anticipate the common issues and have the experience to deal with them. Does LBK cost more? Yes. But 10 years from now you will appreciate our craftsmanship and the quality of the products we use.

Nick Kornea, President / Designer at Luxury Bath and Kitchens

The LBK Way: Dream it. Build it. Love it.

The design-build team at LBK have knowledge and experience of a wide range of materials and products and can advise you on which will give you the best bang for your buck. To learn more, schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas and how our simple remodeling process can offer the best value over time!
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